David’s keynote presentations can be anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes and are perfect for any general session audience. They can be stand-alone sessions or coupled with a ContagiousTalk™ breakout session for added value. Book signings are available upon request.

How to “Click” with Everyone Every Time!

EDUCATIONAL. Based on David’s book (McGraw-Hill, 2013) of the same title which has been called “The modern day version of Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends & Influence People.” Relationships always have been and always will be the foundation of any successful enterprise or endeavor, yet building true, quality, loyal relationships are harder than ever. Technology may have made communication easier, faster, and more abundant, but it has made real connections less common and lessened the quality of our relationships. In this interactive and inspirational message, David shows how the depth of your relationships are your most valuable asset and shares the essential ingredients to making stronger, and deeper connections with those you interact with.

How to Stay Motivated on a Daily Basis!

MOTIVATIONAL. Based on David’s first book (Kendall-Hunt, 1995). It doesn’t matter what you do, where you live, or how much money you make. We all suffer up’s and down’s in our motivation levels. How to get and stay motivated is the question to everyone’s answer. Nothing is as crucial to success as the ability to stay positive and focused on your goal. It has been said that “some people are motivated for 30 minutes, others 30 days, but it is the person who can stay motivated for 30 years that achieves great things.” In this fun, interactive, and informative session, David explores the skills and habits one needs to cultivate to get and stay motivated.

The ONE Thing in Life That You Know For Sure… “You Never Know!”

INSPIRATIONAL. Based on David’s personal story on how he became “Rich.” David explores the theory that the best things in life always happen and usually after what we think are huge disappointments. Through story and inspiring example, David explains this belief through 3 powerful lessons. First, that we are unqualified and unprepared to even know what are good things and what are bad things. Second, that what happens is not always about us. We assume that everything is about us somehow and it rarely is. Lastly, that the best thing is not always what we want but rather what we need. Through this highly empowering message, you will discover a new way to look at the events of your life that will always keep hope in your heart.