Contagious Talks™

The following presentations are trademarked and based on David’s books by McGraw-Hill, How To Click With Everyone Every Time! & Contagious Selling: How to Turn a Connection into a Relationship That Lasts a Lifetime! Perfect for corporate educational events or conference breakout sessions. Presentations can be anywhere from 60 minutes to a half day. Each program blends practical ideas with an entertaining & inspiring style that only David can deliver.

For Managers/Supervisors:

Contagious Leadership: How to Inspire Others to BE Rather Than to DO!

It’s one thing to lead because you’re the boss, it’s another to create an environment and culture where others want to follow. Real leadership isn’t about directing but rather about educating and inspiring. Through this presentation, you will learn how to manage, motivate, and lead, from a position of passion, persuasion & purpose, rather than from a position of power.

For Sales Professionals:

Contagious Selling: How to Sell without Selling!

Based on David’s latest book of the same title by McGraw-Hill and the premise that “Any selling skill that is recognized by your customer as a selling skill ceases to be effective!” In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, ultra-competitive environment, sales professionals must truly learn how to impress the unimpressed…and do it fast. You must make instant connections and be masters at building relationships with a customer who may not want one. In other words, you must learn how to sell without selling. For that to happen, customers must BELIEVE you, LIKE you, and TRUST you. In this presentation, you will learn the latest in non-manipulative persuasion, rapport technology, and the secrets to being truly contagious.

For Customer Service:

Contagious Service: How to Competition Proof Your Customers!

Today’s customer is less loyal and more demanding than ever before. Customers have more choices, more information, and expectations are higher than ever. Loyalty is at all-time lows. Being excellent no longer impresses a customer. It’s something they expect. In this presentation, you will learn how to go beyond excellence and competition-proof your customers. You will learn: how to build instant rapport, how to diffuse angry callers, how loving what you do is the most influential thing you can do, how to move them from customers to loyal advocates, and the 10 worst things you can say to a customer!

For Owners/Managers:

Contagious Positioning: How To Stand Out Like a Sore-Thumb!

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business climate, success isn’t so much about who has a better mouse trap, but who the marketplace THINKS has a better mouse trap! David’s definition of business success: Discover what makes you contagious and infect as many others as possible! Unless a business can quickly, succinctly, and effectively differentiate itself from its competition, it will slide toward becoming a commodity. What makes you stick out like a sore thumb? Chances are that it also makes you contagious. This session will challenge you to find your DNA (Distinct Natural Advantage) so you can start standing out like a “Sore thumb” in the minds of your customers.

For Christian Audiences & Groups:

Contagious Peace: How to Rest in Peace BEFORE You’re Dead!

Most Christians, although saved, still struggle with finding real peace. The answers lie in discovering the amazing truths of grace and sovereignty. God has always been in control, is in control, and will continue to be in control, regardless of what we experience. In fact, one’s level of peace is directly proportional to their level of belief in God’s sovereignty. Worry is a direct result of envisioning circumstances absent a sovereign God. This non-denominational and scripture-based presentation will restore peace in your heart to allow you to enter the rest that is promised in the Bible. Based on David’s best-selling book, 7 Biblical Truths You Won’t Hear in Church BUT Might Change Your Life