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Contagious Services

Introducing…A Trio of Contagious Services!
We offer 3 unique services to help you grow your business based on 3 contagious principles. 1. KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS THINK ABOUT YOU 2. OWN YOUR BRAND 3. BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM. They are designed to be stand alone services or work together for a truly contagious end result. The first one is simple. We survey your customers to find out what they truly think of you and how you can improve. Our second service is to hire our team to brainstorm, consult, and uncover your unique brand and market uniqueness. We do for small and medium sized businesses what Madison Avenue does for the Fortune 500, for a fraction of the cost. So, no matter your size, we can help you find and exploit your uniqueness by creating a brand. The third is hiring us to help you build loyal relationships. We can make telesales and/or set or confirm your sales appointments. We act as an extension or supplementation to your existing sales efforts.

Contagious Research:
We recommend this service for everyone. One of the biggest mistakes companies make (especially small business) is that they get so busy running the business, they neglect to find out what their customers truly think about them. Companies spend so much money trying to get new customers at the expense of retaining (and keeping happy) the ones they already have. The information we find out as an objective third party is some of the most valuable information a business can collect. Your customers will tell us things they would never tell you. We not only compile the results but give you our ideas as how to be more contagious. Hire us by the day (for just a sampling of your customers) or by the week.

Contagious Branding:
Unfortunately most small to medium sized businesses either have an outdated brand or none at all. A brand is the most valuable asset any business can own. Simply put, your brand is what makes your customer think of you first. It’s that “top of mind” real estate you own in your market-place and what sets you apart from your competition. We have helped build some of the country’s most iconic brands and can do the same for you. We like to think of ourselves as the branding agency for Main Street. The process begins with us asking a lot of questions and may take as little as one day or as long as 30 days. This single, flat fee service includes initial consultation, brand creation (including tag line), and ideas on how to use your brand for maximum contagiousness. Does not include any graphic design or logo creation.

Contagious Marketing:
Recommended for short sales campaigns, event or trade show follow up’s, product launches, or appointment setting. Hire us by the day, week, or month. This is a popular choice for companies that have busy seasons, or have contacts that need follow up and appointments set, or simply want to give their internal sales efforts a quick shot in the arm. There is nothing more costly than lost or missed opportunities. We can either work hand in hand with your team to complement what you’re already doing or work independently to double your efforts. We are experts in getting past the gatekeepers and to the right decision maker. Hire us by the day or by the week. Either way, this service is short enough to be affordable for any budget yet long enough to have good return on investment.